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The Renren Network, formerly known as the Xiaonei Network is a Chinese social networking service similar to Facebook. It is popular among college students. In February 2011, Renren made a pre-IPO announcement that it had 160 million registered users.

Renren has poor management as an employer, human resources is chaotic, and employees are unappreciated, according to a former employee at

"Poor management. finance and HR departs are very chaotic and has limited support. the whole company is not very well organized. OT every day. No human care. Profit First."


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customer says

"You have to have accountability!!! I called 4 times yesterday talking to different people each asking for my reservation code. Each time the phone dropped for some reason, but i always had to call back because no one was calling me back. And each time i had to wait on the queue! Finally i was able to reach someone on the phone today and when i thought everything is ok, i get an email saying my booking is not complete. Which is which? Are you guys talking to each other! Why don’t you give me a call when something is wrong? If something is urgent use the phone and don’t just email."

Michaela Malvar says

"I requested a ticket refund for myself and my husband last April 2020 but until now haven’t receive my money. I emailed the customer service, several person handled it and said they forwarded it to Philippine Airline. They don’t have definite date when will I get my refund. In their refund policy it says 6- 8 weeks waiting. Hello, whose in charge of this problem, I don’t know whom I gonna contact now. Hoping someone can help me."

AR says

"Mango Tours refuses to refund our money after Philippine Air Lines canceled our flights due to COVID-19. I have been trying to get a refund for four tickets since April 2019 and they do not respond to emails, hang up on you after they put you on hold. They seem to have a lot of excuses why they can't issue a refund. I recommend you stay away from this company as once they have your money you will not get it back for any reason. Book direct with the airlines instead."

Samantha Valencia says

"I booked an April 2020 PAL flight for my Dad in December 2019. At the end of March 2020, the flight was canceled and the booking was processed for a refund on April 3rd. It will be 19 weeks today and the flight is not refunded to my credit card yet. Every month, I email (csd@mangotours) for updates regarding the refund. Which, by the way, if they tell you to email them there for updates, you will most likely NOT get an update and instead just an email asking you for your patience. So far, I have been in communication with Trixia Mae Grey, Kristine Belga, and Baby Renwen Ramos. Everybody seems to tell me the same thing- that it was forwarded to the airline and they are awaiting their response. I asked to be CC’ed in the email to PAL or even get PAL’s email address so I can be in direct communication (since Mango Tours seems like they don’t know what is going on either), and they said they, unfortunately, cannot do that because “their Sales Manager” is the only one directly communicating with PAL. Why can’t their Sales Manager CC me then? Why can they not forward this issue with their Sales Manager? Are they not communicating within the company either? Instead, they forwarded me an outdated timeline on how long the process would take as of June 2020. I usually am a person that has a lot of patience and would very rarely write a bad review but this whole process is very frustrating I’m sure, not just for me, but to a lot of families who are still awaiting their refund. I am in the process of writing a complaint to BBB and also reporting PAL to DOT. It seems that most of the positive reviews here seem to NOT be an accurate representation of what has been going on between the company and its customers (something that also needs to be brought up to Trustpilot regarding accurate reviews). So to those who are still awaiting refunds, I encourage you all to write a review and report/speak up about these issues we are all having- write a review here, tag them on social media, post about it, etc. The more we bring it up to the public eye, the more likely that they will have to deal with it, because at this point, who knows if we’re even going to get our refunds at all?" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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